Where It All Starts…

Right away, you should be noticing a pattern. I’m a huge fan fan of those dots (ellipsis, is the term for the phenomenon). They help me create suspense, although just for a second or two (possibly less) and give me enough time to think about what I’m going to say next (however anti climactic it may see to my audience (or readers (whichever suits you best))). Again, right off the bat, you realize that I, am one for rambling, and I promise you, you will be seeing a lot of that in the coming month.

So, I’m not really the kind of person who goes about writing too much. When I do write, I write too much (kinda like right now). This is supposed to be a mere introduction, but it is shaping up to be something more already. I will try to keep it simple.

Why am I doing this, you ask? An interesting story precedes my writing this blog. It all started an year ago. But you dont need to know the whole story ;  just the parts that matter. Being a guy, I had a girl that I thought, would be the one. Being the girl that she is, she thought not. Now, being the guy that I am, I persisted. She, being who she is, cut off contact. Hence, the regrets.

Now, the manipulation. There is another girl ( …….I think all my problems stem from the other sex). This one, being my best friend (@asealskhaki)and all, had to just command me and I got down to business. “Think of 10 most outrageous things that you’ve never done, write me a list and give it to me”, is what she said. She also said, “I need it by tonight” and that was 3 days ago…I think (I’m pathetic). That night I had only 3 things down on my list. I didn’t help that the most outrageous task I could think of, was a 7 hour study marathon (not that it isn’t outrageous but it’s frankly, boring and it is most definitely not something you’d want to do to get over a person). All I’m saying is, her idea. Not that it doesn’t seem interesting to me. Just that, I might not have really outrageous stuff to do, but I’m going to do my best.




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