Day One.

So, I’ve worked up a makeshift schedule for myself. School (Senior year), coaching, work out, blogging, studying and sleep. I figured, the only way to keep my mind off the whole thing is to keep myself busy. Nothing outrageous comes to mind (yet).

I realize that the whole point of undertaking this project is to keep from talking, thinking about her. Well, it is not easy when you have to see her at school everyday. Did I mention we are not on speaking terms anymore? It’s fun when you see her consciously avoiding you while you are working to achieve the same ( also, that is the first time I’ve managed to spell ‘Achieved’ right on the first try).  She seems happy enough without me. Suits me fine, I guess. As long as she keeps out of my way and doesn’t insist on talking about it, it’s fine with me.

@asealskhaki If you ever get down to reading this, I have news for you. MY LIST AIN’T READY YET! BWAHAHAHA!

This is becoming kinda hard for me as I run out of things to talk about,. It is times like these that I envy asealskhaki. I wish I could paint and run about writing poetry and shit. I WILL come back with better material tomorrow.

Come to think of it, this blog is the most interesting thing that has happened all day.





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