Day Two.

Let me shed some light on how the Indian love scenario works. It doesn’t. As a teen, the regular Indian is not encouraged to embrace the feelings. Instead, expression of anything even close to attraction to another person frowned upon in the society and family members have a tough time living with it. When change is as radical as it is in the 21st century, adolescents have to face the brunt of the impact (when do they ever not?).  Adults cannot (just cannot) accept that their son/daughter is being influenced by western culture. As a result of this, the simple task of asking a girl out is glorified and made to seem like a society defying gesture. And it is. How the typical Indian teen (male) asks a girl out : 1. Make friends with the girl. 2. Hang out with the girl and do things for her for a long time. 3. Become close enough to be her sister. 4. Drop the L-bomb on her. If she says no, you are left with a year of wasted efforts with nothing to show for it. Not even a friend. Now that that is out of the way, let’s get down to how Day Two actually went. A word of advice. NEVER LISTEN TO LOVE SONGS AFTER REJECTION. I made the mistake of listening to The Script this morning and all I could think of was all our times together over the last year. It was terrible. Songs to avoid ( I actually went through all of these today) 1. Pretty much all of The Script. 2. All of me bye John Legend (NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER listen to this after a breakup) 3. Timberlake. You’d do much better listening to something with more energy (preferably anger). Metal gets a thumbs up from me. Towards the end of the day, I found myself gravitating towards Breaking Benjamin, Linkin Park’s older albums and Green Day. I’m actually surprised I was able to blog today. Usually when it comes to blogging or writing in a diary, I just can’t bring myself to write on the second day. I found me a new obsession. I am going to follow tech and craft me a religion out of it. I ended up catching the death of a cold and I am also running out of words. I also discovered I had followers. A huge thanks to you guys. You practically made my day Mvs P.S @asealskhaki….Did you think you wouldn’t make an appearance on this post?


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