Day Four.

Aren’t best friends the most awesomest things ever? You don’t have to do anything to keep them around. They just are. You never have to explain to them what you are all about. They understand. They don’t need justification for your actions. They accept. At times like these, they are indispensable. @asealskhaki….this one goes out to you (IF you read my blog (I’m pretty sure you don’t))

Day four. Nothing outrageously awesome ever happens in my life. Today was no different. My ‘list’ (whatever that is supposed to be) isn’t ready by any stretch of the imagination. I was thinking of ideas for things I could do to get my mind of the whole situation and i realized that I was already doing what I should be doing.

The trick to easy ‘getting over’ someone, is to indulge in daily, mundane tasks as much as you can. The very pain of performing these tasks should take your mind off the matter completely.

How close am I to the end? Nowhere near it. But that is the whole point of these occurrences. These things take time as every little detail of your short encounter needs to be folded up neatly and tucked away soundly in a deep, dark corner of your head so as to put it to rest.  Freaking out or relapsing at this point will only make it worse as you will  bring these details to the forefront of your already overcrowded head. Reminiscing (I’d made up my mind to use this word atleast once today) will kill it for you and you will break down. I’m saying all this ’cause I’ve been through it. Twice, these 4 days.

You can’t forget him/her? Don’t. Don’t spend too much of your valuable time thinking about them either. They are not worth it. You’d do much better pursuing a better obsession (like breeding cats or something…I don’t know!). Hang in there! You are almost there. Every day you trundle through, you are one step closer to a peaceful mind.

I get the feeling that this is all part of a bigger picture (not some pre-destined fate bullflop but a part of a learning curve). Maybe after a while, all of this wont matter anymore.



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