Day Eight.

Hallucinations finally set in. I have started seeing her from the corner of my eye everywhere I look. Trust me, that is a terrible situation to be in. Here’s hoping it will pass.

I’ve been on the lookout for a rebound date ever since. Such kinda relationships don’t come by very often. I also start to worry about how the other person will take the breakup and end up shying away from the whole prospect. It’s hard being so bipolar.

I’m officially addicted to House M.D . Hugh Laurie is the awesomest doctor ever! I’ve also been following Suits quite closely. Looks like I’ve got myself the diversion I wanted. Doesn’t actually seem to be working though.

If anybody’s wondering where I’ve been the past four days, the answer is, studying. There is nothing like investing you full mental self into studying up for tests. It takes a lot out of you and helps you forget the unimportant aspects of life. It has been my solace.

You know that moment when you look around your class and you realise that you literally hate half the people in it and you don’t know the other half? Me too.



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