Day Nine.

Loner phase initiated. It is that part where you begin to feel all your friends drift away from you. Acting on impulse at this point usually condenses friend circle considerably. Lord knows I’ve been here a couple of times.

My day has pretty much stopped about doing the things I like. Instead, mundane tasks and everyday chores have become more involving ;  to the point where i actually start enjoying them.  They allow me to get away from this world and get me some “me” time.

Monsoon is the best season of all the seasons there ever were. I woke to up to cloudy skies and a grey tinge on everything around me. I love it.

All the studying I’m doing may finally be paying off. I aced a test today and it gives me immense satisfaction just thinking about it.

We are classmates. Run-ins are almost unavoidable. But today, it was different. We co-existed in the same room for more than 20 mins albeit, far enough apart from each other so neither could overhear the other’s conversations. Whenever someone spoke to me, I replied in excited and elated tones giving off the impression that I’m very comfortable in my current predicament. In short, the gesture was supposed to convey to her that I was every bit as happy without her, as I was with.

My workout sessions are going great. I could almost swear I’m losing a bit of the extra flesh I’ve got hanging around me.

School has pretty much claimed my life.



3 thoughts on “Day Nine.

  1. What happened next? Did you get over the loss? Did you bury it under mundane tasks? Did you find the rebound date? In the course of several posts you drew in this observer. I hope you are feeling better. A dashed hope is about as bad as a broken heart sometimes. Which do you think you had? Dating in your culture sounds like it calls for great strength because you work hard for that hope, that love. Hang in there. Thanks also for following my blog. I also am on hiatus at the current time.

    1. Hey! You are following my blog! Great! And thank you. I stopped writing because I began to think along the lines of this-is-stupid-who-would-ever-want-to-read-something-like-this. I did find someone else, but I was her rebound. She realized that she couldn’t break it off with me without breaking apart, our friendship, which meant a great deal to both of us. So we held on till explosions ensued. As for my earlier experience, it was a dashed hope alright. This one, is most definitely a broken heart.

      1. Don’t give up on your dreams. It is good to live with a little romantic hope. It helps you get over a broken heart if you can just think that there is a right person out there looking for you, too. It helps win that girl’s heart if you remain a little humble from realizing you need to find someone who will love you back. My guess is you will never approach love from arrogance because you know that a tender heart longs for the same gift in return. And a broken heart can prepare you for real love because you will one day care tenderly for a heart offered to you in love because you know how it hurts to be disappointed. Hang in there. And keep writing. The world needs more people with loving hearts.   

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