Photo of the Day: 1


Putting that up at the beginning of the post may have been a bit anticlimactic.

Somebody’d once exclaimed, “I have no idea how to click photos of sunsets. I just point and…well, shoot”. That got me wondering, how do you pull off a good sunset shot? Is driving the shutter speed all the way up, the only way to get the perfect silhouettes?

Playing with shutter speed can get addictive, and on this particular shot, I had to drive it all the way up to the maximum my camera could manage, to get the shot that satisfied me. Perhaps, my choice of surroundings for the subject weren’t exactly the best anyway.

Anywho, it’s day one (again) and it’s the start of something new. Also, i’m putting these up un-edited, so if somebody has advice regarding getting the most out of my shots through certain photo-editing tools, it would be much appreciated.

Keep it sparkly.



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