A Metaphor for Life

Alan didn’t feel the brunt of the right hook till he was already staring at the ceiling, his body in a lifeless plummet to the ground. In the fraction-of-a-second flight time, Alan reminded himself of all the cliches that mentioned the fall feeling like a lifetime.

He could swear his jaw was rippling with frantic nerve impulses that told his brain it was over. The jaw could not be saved. Alan thought otherwise. It was not lost upon him that he had begun to talk of his body like it was a separate entity, like he was something bigger than it all.

He fell flat on his back. All thoughts ceased as his brain decided that were more important tasks at hand. A quick diagnostic later, the flood of thoughts hit him. He suddenly became aware of the presence of a huge crowd, the world staring at him. Alan sat up and stared back at them. Were they mocking him? Do they think he is an idiot? They must think he is crazy. He took one look at the Goliath of a man in front of him.

“Yes. Yes, they think I’m crazy”.

His jaw throbbing, Alan stood up.

“The bigger they are, the harder they fall”.

And then, he committed the second biggest mistake of his life, the first being that he got in the ring with a man 6’7, 300 lb beast of a man, in the first place. Alan charged headfirst into the man. The Beast, effortlessly flicked him out of the way in a swift uppercut that rendered Alan airborne again.

“Alright”, he thought to himself. “Brute force ain’t gonna cut it”. He knew that already and yet something in him insisted that he try it anyway.

He got up once again, having convinced himself that he could conquer the monster that stood before him.

Alan was quick to analyse the situation. He figured that such huge bulk would have trouble moving around quickly, so he’d just have to be nimble to inflict any kind of damage at all. So, he ran into the guy headfirst again.

He ended up in the exact same spot as he was in before which didn’t come as much of a surprise to him.

Being of a strong disposition, he got up again. “I cannot keep doing the same thing over and over again”, he thought. And so, he ran into the guy headfirst again.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, and Alan didn’t exactly need all of his 5 trails to fully comprehend this. And yet, he got up and ran headfirst into the guy again.

The ground seemed softer now. Alan was unsure if it was because his body was now numb to the shock of if the ground was beginning to smoothen out owing to repeated torture. Something had to change, he thought.

He got onto his feet again. The crowd was losing interest now. He was absolutely sure that every last one of them had bet against him. “No matter”, he thought. He would prove them all wrong. He would take down The Beast and would probably have his picture put up on the wall of fame or something. He would come to be known as The Man Who Took Down The Beast; the man from nowhere, the man who didn’t look like much; the dark horse of the masses.

And so, he ran into the guy headfirst again.

“Take your bloated sense of ability elsewhere, asshole!”, somebody from the crowd yelled.

The words hit a nerve. He felt his confidence flickering. “No”, he thought. “I will…I can do this. They don’t know anything about me. I do. And I know I can do this”.

And so, he ran headfirst into the guy again.

“Why do i suck so much?”. He felt the self loathing take control of him. He hated his guts, his face. “Good riddance it’s all beaten up now”, he thought.

And using his hatred of himself, channeling his anger, he ran headfirst into the guy again.

“This is getting repetitive now”, he thought. “I know! I’ll keep running and ducking his blows till he’s tired out. And then he can take his share of blows!”.

So, after an hour of running headfirst into The Beast, Alan decided that being nimble was the way to go. So he walked up to the guy and ducked when he swung. The Beast used the momentum from his punch to spin around and caught Alan square in the ribs with his foot.

“Not again”, Alan exclaimed to himself as he began his downward descent.

The crowd had started to thin. Alan got desperate.

One vain attempt later, the arena lay bleak.

Alan got to his feet once again. He could feel the frustration bubbling in his veins.

“WHY WON’T YOU JUST FALL?”, he yelled.

The Beast grabbed hold of him and threw him against the arena fence. Alan’s knees gave way under his weight and he felt all the life drain out of him. He couldn’t get up once more. He couldn’t find the strength.

“Take me”, he went.

He watched as The Beast walked toward him, slowly and taking all the time in the world to get to his prey.

“I give up”, Alan said, “Take me”.

The Beast’s menacing walk was interrupted as he staggered for a second and fell to the ground lifeless.

The mighty adversary had fallen, but there were non to witness the feat. To the world, he would forever be merely Alan.


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