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Photo of the Day: 2


YAY! I stepped out of the house!

I discovered that my camera performs terribly in low light. The picture to noise ratio  (I don’t think there is such a thing) was nearly 0.4, which is basically slang for “TOO NOISY”. But then again, this was at about 6 P.M on a relatively dark path. I should have expected as much.



Photo of the Day: 1


Putting that up at the beginning of the post may have been a bit anticlimactic.

Somebody’d once exclaimed, “I have no idea how to click photos of sunsets. I just point and…well, shoot”. That got me wondering, how do you pull off a good sunset shot? Is driving the shutter speed all the way up, the only way to get the perfect silhouettes?

Playing with shutter speed can get addictive, and on this particular shot, I had to drive it all the way up to the maximum my camera could manage, to get the shot that satisfied me. Perhaps, my choice of surroundings for the subject weren’t exactly the best anyway.

Anywho, it’s day one (again) and it’s the start of something new. Also, i’m putting these up un-edited, so if somebody has advice regarding getting the most out of my shots through certain photo-editing tools, it would be much appreciated.

Keep it sparkly.


Something New


It’s been far too long since I put up something worthwhile on the blog. I’ve no clue where I want my blog to go. I’ve wanted to take up various projects, but I ended up dropping the ideas as I found them either too difficult to keep up on a regular basis, or they just plain don’t have potential for content (I need something that can last a while i.e to keep me going till I dream up a new project. That is likely to be a very long time (Seriously. I don’t understand how you guys do it)).

I’ve been vacillating between  a self improvement project and a creative writing project. I do some poetry occasionally, but nothing so spectacular that I was dying to put up on a blog.

Here's one I wrote when I was in 6th. Yes, I was looking for an excuse to put it up on the internet.
Here’s one I wrote when I was in 6th. Yes, I was looking for an excuse to put it up on the internet.

This one, I wrote just a couple of months ago.

As it pours down, I think of you

Of how much likeness it bears to you

Like poetry to my ears,

The words you use purify.


As the breeze blows

Chills down my spine,

I am pleasantly reminded

Of every moment with you.


As the water touches my feet,

The transience of your life

Tranquil terror grips me

And the world falls down around.



Words like these shall never come to me

For, you have departed from this life

Of mine and missed, you shall be

Crying my heart out every second of the day


Time shall heal and yet, that is what I’m afraid of

That the memory of you be tainted

With the filthy glance of time

That you shall disappear like an age old wound

And that a scar, you shall never be.

The poem has an alternate …sort of….well…let’s just call it an alternate ending. I’d written the words but never really found a place to put them.

And I’ve managed

To keep you another day

How long will this be, I wonder

How long before I finally see

Exactly how lonely I am

Without you, what would I do?


And So beg the lady in you

To stay another day

And plead your soul

Never to go away

Never to leave my side

 To keep me alive, awake

Now I’m beginning to think the last few lines should be a poem altogether. Anywho……

So. I’m not tremendously good at poetry or writing stories. Which leaves, self improvement. This opens up new domains for me. For starters, I’m not a very good conversationalist at all. I lack the confidence, skill and proficiency with words that people need, to move an audience. I can’t, properly, talk to a single person, let alone address a whole group. So, I was considering taking that up as a project. Perhaps, in the very near future, but for now, I’ve had a different idea.

Sometime in 2013, I’d gone and bought me a new camera. I’d been begging my dad for one, for a considerable amount of time and it took a helluva lot of convincing to get him to give in. And that is the story of how my super zoom, super professional looking camera made its way into my hands. What did I do with it? The first couple of months was rather interesting. I went around experimenting with various settings and learning the workings (atleast on paper). Soon after, I went on a trip to Gir National Park. That trip gave me the exposure I needed to pull off relatively good looking shots, in real life scenarios. You are welcome to a few snippets from my past expeditions with the camera.

This was me playing with shutter speed and exposure.
This was me playing with shutter speed and exposure.
I'll admit, I didn't even notice that auto show model there, till I came home and looked through my photos.
I’ll admit, I didn’t even notice that auto show model there, till I came home and looked through my photos.
Drifting cars. Because who doesn't love drifting cars!
Drifting cars. Because who doesn’t love drifting cars!


Please notice the bee. :P
Please notice the bee. 😛

DSC00615 DSC00629 DSC00632 DSC00660 DSC00680 DSC00694

Here’s how it’s gonna go. I’m going to step out of the house everyday with my camera, and I am going to click one proper photograph a day. It will prove to be a nice change of weather (from the four walls of my bedroom) for me and will also help me get better at something I’ve always wanted to learn to do.

I urge you guys to leave suggestions and tips for betterment of my photography, in the comments. That will most definitely help keep this blog alive, and will keep me from running out of experiments to perform.

This has been a very long post indeed.